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BusinessMVP is pioneering a brand new path in editorial coverage.

Positive, high-quality coverage of the top brands in each market on 2,500 publications targeted to each major industry, city, state & country.

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The Short Story

2,500 Targeted Publications – Every major industry, city, state & country!
Targeted Coverage
– Giving the exact reader you want the exact information they want!
Positive Coverage – We only cover what we like!
Elite – We only cover the best!
Quality Content – Professional content only!
Brand Control – You control your brand!
Self-Publishing – Why wait for coverage? Login and post it!
PR Firms are welcome & encouraged!
No Charge – We never charge for editorial coverage!
Online Only – All of our publications are only published online!

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Precise Targeting for Every Market

Ask “Who?” not “How Many?”
The companies we cover understand that 1 good client is more important than thousands of random readers or social media followers. Therefore, they want to be able to reach actual decision makers in very specific markets.

Quality Readers Want Quality Content
Our readers are successful & busy decision makers who have a need for high-quality information. So, thousands of random articles or social media posts are nothing but noise to them. 

Therefore, the goal of our network design is to,
“Give the exact reader you want the exact information they want!”

So, we have 2,500+ online publications that are each targeted to a specific market such as an industry, city or lifestyle.

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Quality Companies & Content

Our readers expect quality content. And, the companies we cover don’t want their well-crafted content mixed in with unprofessional content. So, we are very strict about anything we add to our publications.

Only the Best Companies
We want high quality content from the companies who have staying power. So, we focus most of our attention on screening the companies we cover. We want to see the best products, people, press and promotions. It’s not good enough to just have great products. It takes great people and marketing to guarantee that company is going to have longevity.

Professional Content
We only allow professional quality content in the accepted formats. While we offer plenty of tips and online training, we expect the companies we cover to know what they are doing. If they are not concerned about the image they present to the press, then they probably do not have a product worth covering. So, they should either learn what they are doing or hire a professional PR firm. 

PR Firms Encouraged
We prefer to cover companies with proper PR representation. Whether internal or external, we respect & value PR professionals who know what they are doing. That guarantees us quality content with the least amount of hassle. If we find ourselves spending a lot of time reformatting, correcting or rejecting content, we will just stop covering that company and replace it with a company who cares. So if you don’t have an experienced PR professional in your company, we recommend hiring a professional PR Firm.  


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Brand Focused

You Control Your Brands
The companies we cover are meticulous about their brands. And, that’s why we cover them. So, we have created some unique ways to to give you accurate coverage of your brands.  

Bios, Product Profiles & Press Releases
Our basic coverage starts by publishing your bios, product profiles and press releases exactly as you send them and notate your company as the source. This way you get accurate coverage and their is complete transparency for the readers since they know the information is straight from the actual company.

Interviews – No Misquotes or Paraphrasing
For written interviews, we send you the questions for you to answer and return whenever you like. We then publish them exactly as you answer them. And, we don’t mind if you want to change an answer even 6 months later. For us, it’s all about providing accurate information for the readers.

Reviews – No Negative Reviews
We focus on the positive. And, our time is valuable. Therefore, we’re not going to spend time reviewing something we don’t like. So, if you request a review and we don’t like the product, we’ll scrap the review and let you know we will not be publishing it.

Positive Coverage
There’s enough negativity and controversy in the world and plenty of publications eager to cover it. We’re only interested in doing positive coverage. The way we do that and still build publications with integrity is by focusing our energy on the best in the business. So, if we don’t like it, we don’t cover it! But if we love it, we want our readers to know as much about it as possible.

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Member Accounts – Self-Publish

Why wait for coverage?
While we try to publish everything as quickly as possible, we can’t possibly do that for each of the thousands of pieces of content submitted to us. So, we have built in the ability for the top PR professionals to have their own accounts.  Login to your company’s PR account and post your press releases, bios, product profiles, videos and interviews immediately to any one of our targeted publications where you are approved to post.

PR Firm Accounts for Each Client
For our approved PR firms, we are happy to provide you with PR accounts for each of your clients for our publications that service their target markets.

Membership accounts are complimentary!
PR Memberships are for editorial purposes. Therefore, we do not charge for them.

On top of the content quality requirements, we also require members to have the technical knowledge to publish their information online. We have plenty of tips to get you going if you are web savvy. And, our system is built on Wordpress. So, a working knowledge of Wordpress or a similar publishing platform will serve you well and help you navigate the pitfalls we all encounter in online publishing. However, if you’re new to all of this, try publishing with your own blog  and social media accounts first, and you should be ready to have an account with us.

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We Love PR Firms

PR Firm Representation is Preferred!
99% of the companies we cover have a great PR Firm. So, while other publications are avoiding you, we consider you to be part of the family.

We’ll cover all of your clients!
We focus on relationships. So, once we know you, we’re going to want to cover every one of your clients. And, since we have publications in every industry and city, we can provide excellent coverage!

Self-Service Instant Coverage!
You’re not going to need to follow up to see if we are interested in covering your clients. Once we approve you, we’ll give you a PR account for every client on the publication(s) with the appropiate target market. Then, you can publish your client’s latest immediately and send them the link.

No Online Publishing Knowledge?
No worries! We’ll step you through the simple process of posting content to the network. And, if you’ve posted anything to a blog or social media, you’ll catch on quickly.

Membership accounts are complimentary!
PR Memberships are for editorial purposes. Therefore, we do not charge for them.

Special Coverage
While we do all of the normal types of coverage, we love opening up new avenues. So, if you have an idea, we want to hear it!


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We Do Not Charge for Editorial

If a publication is charging you, it is not editorial!
By definition, editorial is no charge. And, the publication must mark it as “Paid Content”. Bottom line, if you pay for it, it is not editorial, it is advertising!

Advertorial Does Not Exist!
It’s either editorial or advertising. Advertorial is just a made up word to make it sound more legitimate. We don’t offer advertorial and we do not charge for editorial!

We do not give editorial preference to advertisers/sponsors!
The integrity of our editorial is very important to us. We want readers to know that we are covering a company or product because we love it, not because they paid us. There are only 12 advertising spots on each publication which may give coverage of up to 200 companies. So, there may be 188 companies we are covering who will never advertise.

And because we want the ads on our publications to be relevant content as well, we will only allow companies covered in a publication to sponsor that publication. But again, advertising is not required to get editorial coverage.


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