Quality Companies & Content

Our readers expect quality content. And, the companies we cover don’t want their well-crafted content mixed in with unprofessional content. So, we are very strict about anything we add to our publications.

Only the Best Companies
We want high quality content from the companies who have staying power. So, we focus most of our attention on screening the companies we cover. We want to see the best products, people, press and promotions. It’s not good enough to just have great products. It takes great people and marketing to guarantee that company is going to have longevity.

Professional Content
We only allow professional quality content in the accepted formats. While we offer plenty of tips and online training, we expect the companies we cover to know what they are doing. If they are not concerned about the image they present to the press, then they probably do not have a product worth covering. So, they should either learn what they are doing or hire a professional PR firm.

PR Firms Encouraged
We prefer to cover companies with proper PR representation. Whether internal or external, we respect & value PR professionals who know what they are doing. That guarantees us quality content with the least amount of hassle. If we find ourselves spending a lot of time reformatting, correcting or rejecting content, we will just stop covering that company and replace it with a company who cares. So if you don’t have an experienced PR professional in your company, we recommend hiring a professional PR Firm.