Member Accounts – Self-Publish

Why wait for coverage?
While we try to publish everything as quickly as possible, we can’t possibly do that for each of the thousands of pieces of content submitted to us. So, we have built in the ability for the top PR professionals to have their own accounts.  Login to your company’s PR account and post your press releases, bios, product profiles, videos and interviews immediately to any one of our targeted publications where you are approved to post.

PR Firm Accounts for Each Client
For our approved PR firms, we are happy to provide you with PR accounts for each of your clients for our publications that service their target markets.

Membership accounts are complimentary!
PR Memberships are for editorial purposes. Therefore, we do not charge for them.

On top of the content quality requirements, we also require members to have the technical knowledge to publish their information online. We have plenty of tips to get you going if you are web savvy. And, our system is built on WordPress. So, a working knowledge of WordPress or a similar publishing platform will serve you well and help you navigate the pitfalls we all encounter in online publishing. However, if you’re new to all of this, try publishing with your own blog  and social media accounts first, and you should be ready to have an account with us.