Our goal is to interview as many experts and corporate executives as possible in each industry and city. We like to cover around 50 of the top exhibitors by carrying the following:

  • Written Interviews – You have the questions. Take the time to give your best answer.
  • On Demand – Add an interview or a new section to an interview any time!
  • Exact Quotes – We publish your answers exactly as you submit them. So, there is no chance for a misquote!
  • Changes – Not totally happy with one of your answers? No worries, we’ll change it.
  • Accounts – Add interviews for any of your executives or PR clients any time with a PR Account.

Top Executives
We build profiles of the top executives. Every time an executive answers interview questions, we add those questions to that executive’s central profile. We are always looking for ways to feature our top executives.

We are also very interested in video interviews. These are either done at the company, at a trade show or virtually.

To see complete details about our interview process as well as current interview opportunities, visit our site,

Sponsor Opportunities
While our coverage is editorial and no cost, we do allow a limited amount of sponsor opportunities on this coverage. As always, we even consider sponsors to be content and we want them to be relevant to the content they are sponsoring. Contact us for details.