Brand Focused

You Control Your Brands
The companies we cover are meticulous about their brands. And, that’s why we cover them. So, we have created some unique ways to to give you accurate coverage of your brands.

Bios, Product Profiles & Press Releases
Our basic coverage starts by publishing your bios, product profiles and press releases exactly as you send them and notate your company as the source. This way you get accurate coverage and their is complete transparency for the readers since they know the information is straight from the actual company.

Interviews – No Misquotes or Paraphrasing
For written interviews, we send you the questions for you to answer and return whenever you like. We then publish them exactly as you answer them. And, we don’t mind if you want to change an answer even 6 months later. For us, it’s all about providing accurate information for the readers.

Reviews – No Negative Reviews
We focus on the positive. And, our time is valuable. Therefore, we’re not going to spend time reviewing something we don’t like. So, if you request a review and we don’t like the product, we’ll scrap the review and let you know we will not be publishing it.

Positive Coverage
There’s enough negativity and controversy in the world and plenty of publications eager to cover it. We’re only interested in doing positive coverage. The way we do that and still build publications with integrity is by focusing our energy on the best in the business. So, if we don’t like it, we don’t cover it! But if we love it, we want our readers to know as much about it as possible.